UmamiPapi Roma Sauce
UmamiPapi Roma Sauce
UmamiPapi Roma Sauce
UmamiPapi Roma Sauce

UmamiPapi Roma Sauce

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*Roma was a promotional 2020 summer product and has been discontinued*

Meet Roma. Roma pays homage to a time-honoured tradition, celebrating the rustic nature of the oldest tomato sauce making process known to Italy.

A stunning balance of flavour – integrating sweetness, tomato intensity and the subtle aroma of basil.

Designed to encapsulate peak season Australian Roma tomatoes through preserving the harvest of the summer, this sauce comes in with an unmatched quality for you and the ones you love.

Use me as a base for:

  • Pasta
  • Pizza
  • Slow cooked meats eg. Lamb shank, chicken cacciatore
  • Seafood eg. Mussels, white fish

Regular serves 1-2 people. Grande serves 3-4 people.  

We recommend that you allow the sauce to reduce for a minimum of 0.5-1 hours to bring out the full depth of the tomato flavour. 

Chilli oil anatomy

What makes it so good


Inside each jar of UmamiPapi Chilli Oil, you will be enamoured with the fragrance of garlic, onion, shallot, sesame, star anise and cinnamon bark. 


UmamiPapi Chilli Oil gives you a well-rounded balance of sweet, savoury, spicy and "mala" to blow away your tastebuds with flavours and sensations you've never experienced before. 


We use a blend of three unique types of chillies in UmamiPapi Chilli Oil, each serving a different purpose - heat, aroma and colour.

Crisp & Crunch

Within our secret blend of spices, layers of crispy onion, garlic and shallot are added in order to enhance the textures of each spoonful of UmamiPapi Chilli Oil.