Food and cooking has always been one of my greatest passions, with chilli oil being an avenue to enjoy both simultaneously.

There was not a lot of productivity for me as a first year analyst in a graduate role in 2020. We were all trapped indoors, isolated in the boring comfort of our homes with not much to do. Without the freedom of gathering camaraderie to visit your favourite restaurants you are stuck at home, either seldom refining your culinary skills, ordering UberEats or eating the same old meals you are sick of. Every day just felt the same. I was mindlessly scrolling through Instagram which led me to think, what could I do with all this free time to possibly make it better for myself and others all at home?

Born out of Melbourne's stage 4 lockdown, UmamiPapi is a modern take on traditional chilli oil. It offers the complete experience of flavour. Packed with the perfect balance of taste, aroma, texture and spice, it is the ultimate experience for any individual, or the gastronome.

"Enriching culinary experiences for every palate, by cultivating and sharing new age condiments for everyone."

What once began as a weekend lockdown project, where I thought I would only sell a dozen or so jars to some friends and family, has hit national supermarket chains and become a pantry staple to households all around the country and even some parts of the world. For that, I am forever grateful.

The community is a huge part of UmamiPapi and is something I will never take for granted. I believe that food is an embodiment of community - your jar of UmamiPapi being the catalyst to this connection, built on the pure enjoyment of food. It starts at the very moment you receive your jar, staring at the chilli guy’s cheeky face on the label, twisting the cap off, introducing you to; in my own clearly unbiased opinion, one of the greatest condiments of all time. Welcome to the umami parti.

Ethan Yong, Founder & CEO