As we are all trapped indoors, staying safe in the comfort of our homes what is there really to do? There’s only so much Netflix you can watch. There’s only so many hours you can exercise. But if there’s one thing everybody still needs to do, each and every day, it is to eat. 

Without the freedom of gathering camaraderie to visit your favourite restaurants you are stuck at home, either seldom refining your culinary skills, ordering UberEats or eating the same old meals you are sick of. Every day just feels the same. What could possibly make it better?

Born out of Melbourne's stage 4 lockdown, UmamiPapi is a modern take on traditional chilli oil. It offers the complete experience of flavour. Packed with the perfect balance of taste, aroma, texture and spice, it is the ultimate experience for any individual, or the gastronome.

"Enriching culinary experiences for every palate, by cultivating and sharing new age condiments for everyone."

It harnesses the power of sheer versatility, allowing you to drizzle, lather or pour it onto anything your tastebuds desire. Pizza? Amazing. Fried rice? Incredible. Steamed veggies? No longer boring. By itself straight from the jar? You're not the first.

If you already like chilli, great. And if you don't? Well you just don't like it...yet.