UmamiPapi Business Bio

Take what you need. Adapt it or put it on eggs.

Born out of Melbourne's stage 4 lockdown, UmamiPapi is a modern take on traditional chilli oil. It offers the complete sensation of flavour. Packed with the perfect balance of taste, aroma, texture and spice, it is the ultimate experience for any individual, or the gastronome.

"Enriching culinary experiences for every palate, by cultivating and sharing new age condiments for everyone."

With roots as a weekend lockdown project, the brand has has hit national supermarket chains and become a pantry staple to households all around the country and even some parts of the world. A social-sensation, UmamiPapi has a dedicated and passionate following with some of the most engaged and passionate fans seen for a condiment brand. A chilli oil designed to bless your tastebuds the possibilities for it’s use as not only a condiment but as a marinade, dressing or even as a base for a stock.

Fast Facts

The easiest way to sound knowledgable in-front of your boss when they ask about UmamiPapi.

Founded in 2020

Made in Melbourne, Australia

Oil recipe perfected by testing product with friends and family over many years

Run by Ethan Yong and his team

UmamiPapi has received over 1000 5 star reviews

The name UmamiPapi was inspired by Drake’s instagram handle

Pairs best with: Eggs

Is weird but ok with: Ice-cream

Our Founder

Ethan Yong Bio

Ethan Yong is the dedicated Founder of UmamiPapi. He is charasmatic, friendly and approaches life (and chilli oil) with energy and excitement.

He still works closely with his team & interacts regularly with the UmamiPapi community on social media. This has been key to the brands success.

Spice is part of Ethan’s DNA. At age five, his mother teased him into dipping his tongue into the fire.“My mom was like, “Look, if you don’t start eating spicy food now, you’re going to miss out on a lot of foods when you’re older,” Yong says. “And for some reason, in my five-year-old brain, I knew I’d be missing out.”

Ethan started making chilli oil during his Uni days, before further refining the recipe during the 2020 Melbourne Lockdown. It was only when strangers started DMing him about the oil he thought this could be something bigger.

Ethan has notably been interviewed by Founder as part of their Little Empire’s series. His upcoming appearance on Food Stars will air from <add date>

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