A modern take on chilli oil with complete versatility, packed with a perfect balance of aroma, crunch, flavour and spice made right here in Melbourne

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Umami (/uːˈmɑːmi/, from Japanese: 旨味 [ɯmami]) can be translated as "pleasant flavoursome taste or deliciousness".
Papi (/pɑːpi/, from Spanish: [papi]) can be translated as "daddy".

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It is SO good. I’ve even putting it on absolutely everything. I put it on eggs in the morning, pizza the other night, pasta and I’m really excited to put it on my chilli wontons.

– Wynona Davies, Masterchef Australia 2021

Incredible depth of flavour! Umami in every sense, that deep, dark meaty flavour you get from UmamiPapi is the essence of deliciousness. Having spent quite a few years in China myself, this condiment is now a staple in my home and brings back some great memories of regional flavours.

- Ben Pollard, Group Development Chef at Cumulus Inc, Supernormal, Cutler & Co, Builders Arms Hotel, Marion, Handmade Events, Morning Market, Gimlet

The best crispy chilli oil. We use it on so many foods - not just Asian food but on eggs, roast meat, sandwiches, baked veg - the list goes on! I made the rookie mistake og buying a small bottle and it was nearly gone after a fortnight. So delicious!

– Allison W.

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- Sarah P.

I don't know how our family lived without this staple in our pantry! It makes everything better!

– Viva P.