Crispy Rice Squares with Spam and Umami Mayo

Crispy Rice Squares with Spam and Umami Mayo


1 cup day old cooked sushi rice
2 tsp rice wine vinegar
2 tsp tamari
1 can 25% less sodium spam
4 tbsp mayonnaise
4 tsp UmamiPapi Chilli Oil
1 cucumber
1 tbsp avocado oil
1 pinch sesame seeds


  1. In a shallow rectangular tray cover with cling film and push in to line the tray.
  2. Add in your day old sushi rice and press down to get an even thickness.
  3. Add rice wine vinegar and tamari over the top and cover with more cling film then pop in the fridge for atleast 4 hours or ideally overnight.
  4. Remove your rice from the fridge and carefully remove from the tray for slicing.
  5. With a sharp knife dipped in boiling water, carefully slice your rice into bite sized pieces. Having the knife hot will ensure an easier cutting for your rice.
  6. Once you have sliced your rice into pieces, set them aside ready for frying.
  7. Slice your spam to desired thickness but make sure they're the same size as your rice piece then set aside.
  8. Thinly slice your cucumber and then slice individual pieces again in half and set aside.
  9. In a bowl, add in your kewpie mayonnaise and UmamiPapi Chilli Oil then mix until combined then set aside.
  10. In a large fry pan, add in your avocado oil (enough to cover the whole pan) over medium high heat.
  11. Have some paper towels on a plate on standby ready for your rice pieces.
  12. When your oil is hot (place the end of a chopstick in the oil, if it bubbles it's ready to go) add in your rice pieces in batches trying not to overcrowd the pan and fry for a few minutes each side or until golden then place on your paper towel then repeat for the remaining.
  13. In a separate frying pan over medium heat, add in your spam with a drizzle of pure UmamiPapi oil to cook for a few minutes then remove.
  14. Place your crispy rice on a serving plate.
  15. Dollop on your umami mayonnaise.
  16. Place spam on top of your umami mayonnaise.
  17. Top with cucumber slices.
  18. Sprinkle over some sesame seeds.
  19. Drizzle with UmamiPapi Chilli Oil over the top.
  20. Enjoy!