Anchovies with Umami Butter & Cucumber

Anchovies with Umami Butter & Cucumber


1 tin Ortiz anchovies
1 loaf fresh white sourdough
1 Lebanese cucumber
2 tbsp softened butter
4 tsp UmamiPapi Chilli Oil
1 handful chives
1 lemon cheek
1 pinch salt flakes


  1. Add your softened butter and 2 tsp of UmamiPapi Chilli Oil to a bowl and mix well until it becomes a combined paste and set aside.
  2. Thinly slice your cucumber and set aside.
  3. Finley chop your chives and set aside.
  4. Cut your fresh white sourdough into a thick slice and add to your plate.
  5. Smear a thick layer of your umami butter mixture onto your bread.
  6. Open your Ortiz anchovies and add 4 anchovies onto your bread.
  7. Add your thinly slices cucumber on top of the bread, covering your anchovies.
  8. Add a squeeze of lemon.
  9. Drizzle additional UmamiPapi Chilli Oil on top.
  10. Garnish with chives and salt flakes. 
  11. Enjoy!